Integ Financial Solutions

Small Business Consulting In The Inland Empire

How Can We Help?

What are your Key Performance Indicators?


We can assist you with establishing business metrics to measure your business performance

Thinking of making major changes?


We can put together a financial models to illustrate the impact of sales, acquisitions or other major impacts to your business

I need more staff (Or do I?)


Throwing bodies at a problem is not always the right approach.  We are equipped to evaluate your current staffing and show you where opportunites and challenges exist

Am I collecting everything I should be?


We can assess your current billing practices and determine where you are leaving money on the table

My sales have increased - Shouldn't I be making more money?


We can evaluate your expense structure and show you how to increase your margins year over year

I need help


We realize your focus is on doing what you do best.  We're there to help you do just that by ensuring you're making the most prudent financial decisions